New Investors

Research shows that X-Wind systems are able to generate energy at comparable prices with fossil fuel systems. And this is confirmed by an independant study by Fraunhoferinstitut IWES (can be sent on request).

Right now the X-Wind developers have assembled a demonstration system
and checked computer simulations against actual operational flight data. Electricity has already been produced on the NTS test track.

With the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction Loan Corporation), the former NTS has had a dedicated investor who actively supported the development and shaping of the X-Wind technology. 

Although A-Round negotiations have been completed by the former NTS developer, X-Wind remains interested in further “clean energy investors.”

NTS Finanzenpflege Solo

In the moment X-Wind Powerplants GmbH is increasing its capital stock. If you are interested in an investment in our company please contact uwe.ahrens (at) or use our contact form on this website.