Overview of Objectives

The X-Wind Concept:

Collecting energy from the atmosphere with kites rather than with propellers

          1. Generating CO2 free energy with almost continuous operation
          2. Being competitive with fossil fuels
          3. Strong intellectual property situation (Patents for over 80% of the world market are granted)
          4. Building systems according to direct client requirements
          5. Providing decentralized systems
          6. Minimal environmental impact
          7. Low use of recources
          8. Bird, insect and bat safe (low speed moving)
          9. Only proven components (standard rail road tracks, bogies from electrical trains, motors from CNC machinery, ropes and kites, standard grid connection parts)
          10. Long term scalability
          11. Kite size can easily be changed to better adapt to seasonal conditions
          12. X-Wind kites can easily be lowered and brought down in the case of extreme winds
          13. No stroboscopic effect
          14. Low noise emission
          15. Easy deconstructable
          16. Extremly landscape friendly (nearly invisible)