Target Markets

First Target: Germany

Current status:   29,000 wind energy systems are currently (2018) operating in Germany PICD000110 Windenergieanlagen in D NTS 2018 640px eng(source: BWE).

A wind energy system generates about 1700MWh/year on average. Operators currently receive about 5 Cent/KWh according the Germany’s Energy Exchange EEX. This creates a stable calculation model for X-Wind systems. Operators are able to yield even higher prices through various energy trading platforms. 

The base load capacity of X-Wind systems ensures, unlike conventional wind and solar energy systems, production during peak periods to yield correspondingly higher returns.

A conventional modern 2MW off-shore wind energy system costs approximately 4-6 million Euros and reaches a profitability of approximately 6-9% at an average capacity factor of 38% maximum. Initial calculations indicate that an X-Wind system will also cost approximately 4-6 million Euro per 2 MW. Yet its capacity factor is at least 60% (70%-85% realistically) yielding an efficiency of at least 12%. The operational and maintenance costs of an NTS X-Wind system are also lower.

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  X-Wind systems also
  perform well in
  comparison with solar
  energy systems
: a solar
  energy system with a
  capacity of 1.4MW firstly
  requires an enormous
  area of more than
  60,000m2 and secondly,
  the average efficiency of
  solar energy systems is under
  5% at best and not
  continually operable
  (day/night cycle).