X-Wind and Sustainability

We are in the process of using and distributing our valuable natural resources, that took millions of years to form, within a few short centuries as if we had a second planet to fall back on.
The X-Wind management therefore commits itself to comply with and further enhance environmentally conscious development. Compliance with industry environmental regulatory standards, as well as the Company's own environmental standards, is the basic principle of NTS sustainability and environmental management systems.

Monitoring of environmental management systems: regular reviews will ensure the updating of the sustainability and environmental management policy through internal and external audits for documentation and assessment.

Promotion and motivation for environmental consciousness: with seminars and access to research information we will train our staff to conduct their work with environmental awareness and responsiblility.

Objectives of the sustainability and environmental management policy: The objective of the aap sustainability and environmental management policy is to develop and adopt products and services only when they have proven to achieve a sustainable edge on other technological developments used in products and services already on the energy market.

The management commits itself to informing and consulting all involved parties (clients, suppliers, investors and employees) about sustainability and environmental impact issues pertaining to products and services of X-Wind Powerplants GmbH. The reduction of adverse environmental impact is the primary goal of the Company and the Company strives to achieve this with appropriate methods and procedures. 

We aim to continually improve our environmental policy to further enhance sustainability and environmental protection.

Danger and emergency prevention: danger and emergency plans as well as details operational safety manuals will be provided and regularly reviewed.

Public information: The X-Wind management will actively consult the public on the Company’s progress with environmental development matters.

You can contact us here to receive pdfs of our environmental management handbook and natural design philosophy. We are pleased to keep you posted on our development progress here at X-Wind.

Our sustainability and environmental management policy will be standardized according to DIN EN ISO 14001.