Price Development

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Markets and profitability

The energy market is a billion-dollar-market.
The turnover generated in the energy sector is increasingly shifting from fossil fuel to renewable energy systems. Electricity produced in Germany from renewable resources rose to 550 TWh in 2017, up from 80 TWh in 2006 (source:

On account of the expected rise in global demand for clean energy systems together with the universal application of X-Wind systems, we can assume that X-Wind systems will have a part in this huge emerging market.

Once the Cross Wind Prototype is completed more systems will be constructed in series. According to pending project results we can safely assume that we will develop 3 to 5 system types with a capacity of between 12 and 200 MW. Sale and subsequent operation and maintenance are lucrative business sectors which NTS will all cater for. Wind energy systems are not only profitable in Germany but also in many other countries. Because X-Wind systems have a much higher degree of efficiency compared to traditional wind energy, they will not only be cost-effective in these countries but also very profitable.

The X-Wind Principle can be applied to the generation of energy on an environmentally friendly and long-term basis: consistent continental winds are accessible and can be utilized worldwide as long as “the sun still shines.” Enormous quantities of fossil fuels can be conserved and repurposed for better uses. 

Experts agree that energy prices as well as installation and operating costs of energy systems will continue to markedly rise.

Prices of CO2 certificates are also expected to rise which creates a further source on income for NTS. Certificate prices at the Leipzig stock exchange were reported to be 5 Euro/ton in June 2017
(source: Multiply this price by 102,720 tons of CO2 saved by one of our 120GWh systems, and it will generate about 0.5 m Euro income (see also climate protection on our website).

The permanent wind currents harnessed by X-Wind systems will also be freely available in the future therefore an expected mid to long-term profitability of at least 12% will continue to increase.