X-Wind is committed to the objective of sustainable development and the sustainable handling of the Earth’s limited resources. It is the most highly proclaimed goal of the Company to provide products and services most suitable to contain the rapid consumption of limited resources and to take great care to minimize the impact of our work on the natural environment.

Management Objectives

  • The management commits itself to provide systems and services in a bid to comply with sustainable technological development. Products and services will only then be developed and adopted when they have proven to achieve a sustainable edge on other technological developments for products and services currently on the energy market.

  • The management commits itself to conduct business in a manner to generate and safeguard long-term value for clients, suppliers, investors and employees

The highest creed of the Company is a sustainable and competitive long-term growth strategy and a lasting above-average return on investment.

We at X-Wind are committed to fairness towards clients, employees and associates, suppliers and investors.
Our products are optimized according to durability, quality, operability, and costs (our products and services are in conformity with the principle of sustainable development).

Handling the resources of the Earth responsibly goes without saying for us. 
We want to take a leading role in the generation of renewable energy.